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Highlights from Leadership Strategies for Customer Experience Keynote Panel Customer Experience Summit – April 2017 Part III

Continued from Part II


Following is Key Insight #3:

Insight Three: Embrace bimodal at an appropriate scale for your size company to innovate now, and see Shadow IT as an overall good.

Grant: What shortcomings do you see with your current IT model? What would you do to make it better?
Sonesh: We’re at tremendous scale. We’re a $70 billion dollar global organization and therefore we’re (challenged) in terms of how our business model operates. Let me give you some insight to that …Our central IT organization is we basically have to plan ahead of time to use our resources with them…. (This) model works for application management, it works for maybe even creating a data layer…,but as we think about trying to buld innovation from a customer experience standpoint it doesn’t. …

So we’ve created an innovation team within our IT department that works very closely with us.
Together we opened up a IOT startup incubator / working space downtown partnered with 1871 where we have customer experience folks … and business folks working together trying to work with external consultants to see what solutions we can bring to life right now….

I think the issue is that we don’t want IT to be an inhibitor to getting close to the customers … …This whole shadow IT idea is almost a healthy thing because it creates an environment that keeps demanding of IT to grow and change, and I think as long as we approach it with that perspective is going to be sort of able to adapt.

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Updated: November 10, 2017 — 5:29 pm

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