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Take This Short Quiz to See If You Are at Risk for Leadership Failure

One of the most popular presentations we’ve had from our Technology Innovation & Leadership summits was a presentation by Jeff Anderson, CEO of Lake Forest Graduate School.  The talk was called “Leadership Derailment.”

In our last post, I shared notes from the first part of Jeff’s presentation, which explained that the research has shown us that there are seven common reasons for leadership failure, and if you know your own risks, then you can improve your own odds of success.

Here are the top seven reasons why leaders go “off track.”

  1.       Poor Emotional Control
  2.       Integrity and Consistency issues
  3.       Difficulty in building and leading a team
  4.       Relationship issues
  5.       Narrow perspective
  6.       Micromanagement, not empowering
  7.       Failure to adapt

The problem with just reading the list is it might be difficult to evaluate your own risks!

So Jeff has come up with a series of questions for each risk element to help you see which areas you are most at risk of leadership failure.

While I don’t have the space in this post to share Jeff’s questions for all seven risks, here are a few questions for two of the most common risk areas: Poor Emotional Control and Micromanagement.

For each question, put yourself on a chart ranging from: Low Risk,  Medium Risk, to High Risk.  If you are all the way on the right, you would be high risk.

Poor Emotional Control

  1. Are you are often irritated by the faults of others?  Even if you don’t say anything, do other people’s faults irritate you?
  2. Are you prone to outbursts?  Could anyone tell if you are under stress?
  3. Would other’s experience you as moody or unpredictable?


  1. Do you think it is more efficient to just do things yourself?
  2. Would others describe you as a perfectionist?
  3. Do you easily and quickly trust others?

How do you combat your natural risk?

Knowing your risks, you can put together action plans to work on it.  But sometimes even though you know what to do, it’s hard to do it.

Jeff had a final, closing thought.  He thinks it’s all about tempo.  He suggests that the pace at which you breath will make a difference.  So if you find yourself losing your cool, or feeling stressed, slow down and take a deep breath! You may find yourself getting through that moment in a calmer, more mindful fashion!

Want to hear Jeff’s self evaluation test for ALL seven risks?

Here’s a link to watch the presentation, which I highly recommend!

Updated: February 21, 2017 — 3:59 pm

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