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In the past few posts, I’ve highlighted key insights shared by Kelly Manthey, the Chief Strategy Officer at Solstice, who gave an outstanding presentation called, “The Digital Business Innovation: The Four Imperatives” at our recent Technology Innovation & Leadership Summit.

Here are the four imperatives:

  1. Your customer is in control
  2. New technology gives rise to new business models.
  3. Company culture is an enabler for competitive advantage.
  4. Create speed.  Accelerate idea-to-value.

In my previous posts, I’ve shared highlights from her first three imperatives.

Kelly’s final Imperative is to Accelerate Idea-to-value.

Kelly mentions that there are three keys to success in this stage:

  1. Agile Development Methods
  2. Human Centered Design
  3. Rapid Experimentation

Solstice uses Rapid Experimentation as part of a validation process.  Prior to actually writing the code, they’ve done the homework on the type of person who the app is written for, and they have already gotten extensive feedback from the customer by spending time with them, rapid prototyping and continuous feedback.  So by the time they actually code, they are already very close to what the customer wants.

They recommend using both quantitative and qualitative ways to tract experiment success. For quantitative feedback, they use Google’s Heart Framework, which measures happiness, engagement, adoption, retention and task success.

For qualitative feedback they get target users to use the product and watch them and talk to them.

For their team, Solstice has created a trademarked methodology they call “Design-gineering”.

The team member roles include:

  • UX Principal
  • Digital Developer
  • Product Consultant
  • Digital Strategist

Why do they have this type of team?  Because they want to help their clients design both new digital business model and then the digital environment that help you build it!

What about your process?  Are you looking to design new models?  Are you integrating human centered design along with rapid experimentation with your shift to agile?

I hope you’ve enjoyed these blog posts highlighting Kelly’s great presentation.  Thanks to Kelly for great insights on how to “Ride the Wave” of the Digital Transformation!


Updated: December 19, 2016 — 6:18 pm

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