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Gartner’s Top 10 Technologies for 2016 – Explained – Part Five

Gartner’s Top 10 Technologies for 2016 – Explained – Part Five

Why You Should Care About the Digital Transformation and What to Do About it.

By Alex Jarett

A summary of a presentation given by Todd Kimble, Executive Partner, Gartner.

In the preceding posts of my summary of Todd Kimble’s incredible presentation (Todd is Executive Partner from Gartner) called “Gartner Technology Predictions for 2016,” we discussed the top technology trends and how it is affecting our world.  In the last post, I summarized Todd’s New IT Reality.  If you haven’t read these yet, go back and start with part one, here.

In this final section, we’ll present Todd’s key insights on why you should care about this digital transformation and what you should do about it.

Why You Should Care about the Digital Transformation

Todd explained in a very compelling discussion the key reasons why you need to care about this Digital Transformation, even if you don’t think it’s affecting you and your company yet.

Here are the key net-net reasons:

  1. Big Companies have already been displaced by the Digital Transformation.

    Think Kodak, Yellow Cab, Travel Agents, and Blockbuster as big examples.

  2. The Threat of Displacement comes from both current competitors and also companies that you never thought of as competitors!

    Start-ups are coming after portions of every industry.  Plus there is great risk that companies from other industries will go after your industry.  Companies like Google and Amazon have the ability to enter new markets at will.

  3. Change Can Happen fast.

    Todd uses the example of “WhatsApp” that took over the messaging market in only a few short years.

  4. New Workforce wants better Technology at Work.

    The new workforce, Millennials, look at work as “The Place Where I use Old Technology.” These new employees are used to using commercial applications and want to work with similar technologies at work.


Todd ends his presentation with specific advice as to what you need to do to succeed in this new environment.

  1. Invest in the Right Technology.

    As you know, Gartner publishes a list of top Technology Investments based upon their CIO surveys.  Top Technologies on the list include:  Bi/Big Data, Infrastructure & Data Center – new core for Digital, Cloud, ERP, Digitalization/Digital Marketing, Mobile & Security.

  2. Think of Your Work Process in Platforms, and not Silos

    They are suggesting a more free/flow environment and not just departments, functions. Your team is virtual, and will change all the time.  An example is Adaptive Sourcing – using multiple teams and sources to get your work done.  The key platforms are: Leadership, Talent and Delivery Platforms.

  3. Bi Modal Delivery Platform

    Gartner suggests that you need two types of delivery platforms.  Your mode 1 is the traditional, methodical, long term process.  The Mode 2 delivery platform is the where your innovation will be and you will respond quickly and delivery quick hits and quick successes.

  1. Talent Platform

    Getting talent for this Mode 1 capability is going to be difficult, so you’ll need to think of new ways to attract these people and creating an environment they like.

  2. Take The Lead

    The final recommendation is the take the lead as the Chief Innovation Officer as well as Chief Information Officer, or the Chief Digital Officer. The Boards are getting interested in Digital Business and Security.  You need to embrace this new role and take the lead for your company or face being replaced by someone who will embrace this role.


Todd gave us MORE than we asked for in this incredible presentation.  I consider this a terrific presentation, and well worth studying, both in this series of brief articles and watching directly.



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About Todd Kimble – the presenter.
Todd Kimble is an Executive Partner with Gartner Executive Programs supporting CIO and executive clients across a wide variety of enterprise customers. His primary areas of focus include strategic planning, technology innovation, enterprise application development, and the formation of efficient and high-performing IT organizations

About Alex Jarett
Alex Jarett is the founder and CEO of the Technology Executives Club and the Technology Innovation Institute, the official online education portal of the Club. The Club is dedicated to helping CIOs, Chief Innovation and Digital Officers, CTOs and senior Technology executives create growth through Technology Innovation and Leadership.


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