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Gartner’s Top 10 Technologies for 2016 – Explained. Part TWO

By Alex Jarett

A summary of a presentation given by Todd Kimble, Executive Partner, Gartner.
In my last post I introduced our presentation by Todd Kimble, Executive Partner from Gartner, to our Leaders Circle program.  Todd gave an excellent presentation called “Gartner Technology Predictions for 2016.”  In the introduction I shared Todd’s explanation of Gartner’s annual list of top Technology trends to watch for.  You can read the post here, but in summary, Todd grouped the list into three main categories:   1.  Digital Mesh, 2. Smart Machines, and 3.  The New IT Reality.
In today’s post, we’ll explore Todd’s explanation of the Digital Mesh.
a.  Device Mesh
b. Continuous and Ambient Experience
c.  3D printing Materials.
First – the Device Mesh.  The thing to understand here is that there are an infinite (my words) amount of devices that are basically getting connected to public (the Internet) and private networks.  These devices range from small sensors to more sophisticated devices, like our phones.  But the amazing shift that is occurring here is it that these devices are occurring EVERYWHERE.  In your car, in your home, in your office, outside and pretty much everywhere we are.   There are devices that are being connected.  You’ve heard the concept of the Internet of Things  – everything is getting connected.
Second – They are being connected in a Continuous and Ambient Experience.
Here’s what that means – you can go seamlessly from one device to another and the transition is seamless.  Think about your car.  If you have a Bluetooth enabled cell phone, you can be on a call, open the door and the call transfers to your car.  This is happening with every device and it’s creating new experiences.

Examples Todd gave of this experience included:
•    Ordering off of digital menus in a restaurant
•    Getting virtual concierge assistance in a hotel
•    Music that follows you from device to device as you travel
These are what Gartner call’s “Obvious” examples, but there are less obvious examples happening all around us.  We know about wearable devices like “Fitbit” but there are newer, deeper devices where the fabric itself can measure vital statistics and more.   These devices are now accessible to you and your companies – the environment is being set up everywhere with APIs to give you access to create that seamless experience.  Todd brings up a responsive, mobile site as a simple example – the site needs to know what type of device you are viewing on, but your apps will soon need to navigate the rest of the mesh to provide this seemless experience for your users.
3-D printing.
The final core change is 3D Printing, and as Todd explains, the big shift here is it’s not just plastic that these printers are printing – 3D printing is printing in materials ranging from complex parts for airplanes and aerospace to synthetic, biomaterial for printing skin.
“They’re printing prosthetic arms and using this in third world countries. They’re creating prosthetics for kids that have lost limbs…. they take x-rays and they’re able to print those there on the spot and then the surgeons able to put those in without having to ship that off have it done somewhere else.”
This is truly amazing.
As you can see – this first stage – the Device Mesh combined with the Internet of Things and this continuous experience is truly setting the stage for two main shifts:
•    A completely different type of “interface” or experience with the digital environment
•    A significantly larger volume of data and information to be processed.
We’ll discuss this data and how it will be handled in our next Post: Smart Machines.
This was a terrific presentation and well worth studying, both in this series of brief articles and watching directly.
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About Todd Kimble – the presenter.
Todd Kimble is an Executive Partner with Gartner Executive Programs supporting CIO and executive clients across a wide variety of enterprise customers. His primary areas of focus include strategic planning, technology innovation, enterprise application development, and the formation of efficient and high-performing IT organizations.

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