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Gartner’s Top 10 Technologies for 2016 – Explained. Introduction

By Alex Jarett
A summary of a presentation given by Todd Kimble, Executive Partner, Gartner.


We recently welcomed Todd Kimble, Executive Partner from Gartner, to our Leaders Circle program. Todd gave an excellent presentation called “Gartner Technology Predictions for 2016.” Like everyone else, I follow Gartner as much as I can, and I am always looking with earnest at their Top Ten technologies list that they publish each year.   What I liked about Todd’s presentation was he took the time to explain what each trend actually was, why CIOs and other Technology leaders should care, and what you should do about these trends.

We recently posted the entire presentation for our members, but I wanted to give our readers an opportunity to learn from Todd’s presentation, so the next few week’s I’ll summarize much of what Todd shared. We’ll provide a link back to the presentation, below, plus info on Todd is also below.

Before Todd launched into the technology list, he added a key insight. Digital Business is more than just digitizing and automating manual processes. As Todd explained: “Digital business is creating brand new business opportunities through the use of digital… And this is what’s starting to create some pretty significant disruptions in a lot of the industries you’re it.” That’s an important insight, I think, because it’s easy to just think of Digital as simply digitizing processes – we’ve been doing this in IT for years. What is different about this “Digital Revolution” is the new, disruptive processes that are being created because of the blend of new technologies with NEW business processes. It’s up to you as an IT, Innovation, Digital leader to know about these technologies to help come up with these new processes.

Todd then moved into the first main section of his presentation with the list of Gartner’s Top 10 Technologies to watch for 2016.   I had already seen this list, but one of the things Todd did immediately was to group the ten technologies into categories that helped me understand them, and I think explaining them to you as Todd did is very helpful.  Below each list is are edited quotes, directly from Todd. I edited them solely for reading purposes.

Here’s the first group:

  1. Digital Mesh
  2. Device Mesh
  3. Continuous and Ambient Experience
  4. 3D printing Materials.

“So when we look at the digital mesh the digital meshes about all the devices there around us right plethora of devices. Not just the computers we use it work or our smart phones but almost everywhere we go we’re finding devices around that we’re interacting with and that’s creating more of a continuous and ambient user experience. It’s no more that we’re doing kind of isolated things.  The user experience is kind of transitioning among these devices.  Finally – 3d printing continues to be a hot topic.”

  1. Smart Machines
  2. Information of Everything
  3. Advanced Machine Learning
  4. Autonomous Agents and Things

“Smart machines. The information of everything is simply that we are getting information from everywhere. There is an information explosion. Advanced Machine Learning is about the machines’ ability to take in input and learn and make better decisions because of that. Finally – Autonomous Agents and things are the things we’re interacting with, that are helping us make decisions that are helping us use technology in a better way.”

III. The new IT reality.

  1. Adaptive Security Architecture
  2. Advanced Systems Architecture
  3. Mesh App & Service Architecture
  4. Internet of Things Architecture & Platforms

“There’s a new IT reality.   First – security has to change to take into account the proliferation of devices. There’s new architectures to enable these device messages to work. Advanced system architectures are processing more than they ever have before. Finally, the Internet of things is simply talking about all these devices that we’re going to use in our companies, and at our homes. Anywhere that you can think about out in the world. It’s all these devices that are now being interconnected that are providing functionality out there.


That’s the top list, quickly grouped and summarized. Just knowing the groupings is helpful, and in our next few entries I’ll summarize Todd’s comments about each of the categories, followed by his advice on why you should care and what to do about it.

Stay with me the next few entries – this was a terrific presentation and well worth studying, both in this series of brief articles and watching directly.


Additional Resources:

Watch the entire presentation here:

About Todd Kimble – the presenter.
Todd Kimble is an Executive Partner with Gartner Executive Programs supporting CIO and executive clients across a wide variety of enterprise customers. His primary areas of focus include strategic planning, technology innovation, enterprise application development, and the formation of efficient and high-performing IT organizations.
About Alex Jarett
Alex Jarett is the founder and CEO of the Technology Executives Club and the Technology Innovation Institute, the official online education portal of the Club.   The Club is dedicated to helping CIOs, Chief Innovation and Digital Officers, CTOs and senior Technology executives create growth through Technology Innovation and Leadership.

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Updated: February 9, 2016 — 3:04 pm

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