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Summary of “The Innovation Enterprise” presentation by J Schwan. Part I

Summary of “The Innovation Enterprise” presentation by J Schwan. Part I.

In today’s blog post I’ll present Part One of a summary of J Schwan’s recent presentation called “The Innovation Enterprise, Accelerating the Adoption of Next Generation Technologies.”

J is the founder and CEO of Solstice Mobile. Solstice Mobile is a mobile strategy and app development consulting firm that helps large brands define their mobile strategy and implement their strategy across customer, employee and partner channels.

J is one of the few speakers I’ve seen that can take complex subjects, such as the Internet of Things, and explain in clear terms not only what it means, but how you can apply it to your situation.

The purpose of this talk was to explain J and Solstice Mobile’s vision of where mobile is going, and he did this by starting with where mobile has been and then illustrating how that is leading to the future. In doing so, J provides us all with some insights as to how to create both incremental and disruptive, breakthrough changes.

In the first half of the presentation, J gave us a clear vision of how three major technology trends are coming together to create what he calls the “Perfect storm of Opportunity.” After listening to J, it’s very clear how it all fits together, especially with the concept of the “Internet of Things,” and what that really means.

J starts with a chart illustrating the Progress of innovation which illustrates how the different platform shifts have created different types of opportunities created by the newer technology. As example, the platform shifts have gone from massive computers to personal computing to mobile computing, and now to the era of Contextual computing.   As J describes it, things around us now have the ability to collect information about their environment, report back, and the information can be assembled, analyzed and wisdom created which will then be pushed back to the user.

There are three key technology trends, which are sensor technology, low power wireless networks and Lower Cost 3D Printing, which combined together, allow people to create sensors that can be placed in different environments that report on their environment. J provides three great examples as illustration:

  1. In the security arena – a lock that reads your phone via Bluetooth and if you have the right key, will unlock automatically.
  2. In the ordering arena – A button stuck on the refrigerator door that sends a message to the local pizzeria and a pizza shows up at your door. J points out that this pizza button can be an anything button used in a variety of situations.
  3. Federal Express can now include a sensorware device that can communicate information about the location and environment of the package.

The next big shift, J explains, is the shift in the user interface from the standard keyboard and mouse to more natural user interfaces. Just as the shift from keyboard and mouse to touch screen on mobile devices opened up computing to more people, this next shift to more natural interfaces, such as voice, gestures, skeletal, will make the interaction even more natural. J points to Suri and Google Glass as examples of this.

Finally – J explains the shift to contextual awareness, in which the computing shifts from us entering requests for information, to the computing environment analyzing data, processing it and pushing information back out in the form of suggestions or other actions.

As you can see, J does a great job of really laying this information out for us and you can’t help but be excited, and this is only the first half of the presentation!


In next week’s post, I’ll finish the summary, which includes:

  1. Examples of companies who have done a great job in putting this all together to extend their brand with big data and create engagement. You’ll want to read this (or see it here!)
  2. Results of Forrester study to see how many companies are innovation ready.
  3. How to create Innovation in an Enterprise System.
  4. How Solstice creates innovation projects.
  5. Examples of applications that emerged from this process.

Watch J’s presentation directly.

I highly recommend you watch J’s complete presentation here.

Updated: June 29, 2015 — 2:18 pm

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